Organic vs. Conventional milk

Asked January 5, 2016, 6:32 PM EST

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At a sustainable agriculture conference, I heard a lecture by a farmer who switched from conventional to organic and started selling through Horizon Organic. He gave us the price difference he was paid per gallon of conventional milk, and the price he was paid after organic certification. I can't remember exactly what the difference was. Do you have any information on how much farmers are compensated for conventional milk compared to organic?

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Carolyn Pace

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Almost all milk produced in Colorado is marketed through a member cooperative, Dairy Farmers of America. Producer prices generally follow the base price established by the Central Federal Milk Marketing Order. The Order's most recent published price was around $16.80/cwt, at 3.5% butterfat. Other factors, such as milk quality, protein, and other components will determine the final price a producer receives for his/her milk. I am familiar with Horizon Organic in Weld County - they operate some of their own dairy farms and a processing facility in the area. However, I am not aware of what price they pay those who produce and sell milk to them. You might try contacting Horizon at 888-494-3020 for that information.