Hops in Benton Co.

Asked January 4, 2016, 6:12 PM EST

I know there are hops grown around St. Paul Or, but I don't know of any south of that in the Willamette Valley. Is there better soil, temps, or another factor that makes growing them up there better? Or just that no one has done any Hop farming in large scale around Benton, Linn, Lane, Douglas, Coos Co. Looking for a better crop, and I like beer. Thanks! Nate


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Hi Nate,

I like beer too but I am not the authority on growing hops in the Willamette Valley. We do have a hop expert on campus, however he is not in the Ask an Expert system. His name is Shaun Townsend and you can reach him directly at:

(541) 737-5099

Hopefully he should be able to answer some of these questions for you specially related to Benton County growing conditions. We also have an excellent OSU Extension publication on Growing Hops in the Home Garden that would be worth a read.