Rosemary plant has a Mallow blossom

Asked January 4, 2016, 4:56 PM EST

Hi So this is extremely bizarre and we are wondering how this could have happened. We were in Carmel, CA and walking and saw a beautiful pink bloom on the rosemary shrub. Please see pic. We would love some thoughts and ideas. Is it possible that it could continue growing both the lavatera flower with the rosemary? or was this simply a freak of nature that this lavatera flower seems to have propagated on the rosemary branch.

Los Angeles County California

1 Response

It is very difficult to determine from the picture but I am questioning whether the plant in question is really rosemary. There are other plants that have the same leaf pattern and arrangement. The shiny appearance and wide spreading leaf pattern is not the typical rosemary.

But with that being said I live and know plant materials from a more harsh environment. Rosemary is not winter hardy in my part of the country. So there could be varieties I am not familiar with with growing in California.

Maybe someone else in the Extension system in California or a local garden center could help with the ID.