Eastern Mojave Desert Boundaries?

Asked January 3, 2016, 10:09 PM EST

I was wondering - Is Kingman, Arizona in the Mojave Desert? I found one unlabeled map that makes it appear it is, but I can't find any references that state which desert Kingman is in. What constitutes the eastern border of the Mojave Desert?

Mohave County Arizona

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It appears that Kingman is most likely in the Mojave Desert. exact borders are a little hard to define. The closest other geographic region is the Senora Desert. Kingman is so close the the borders that is is really to close to call. Both regions are high dry areas and as in all geographic regions, the borders are a little fuzzy. You would need to study the properties that distinguish the Mohave and compare it to the Kingman area. If those properties fit the Mohave better that the Senora, then you can make the call. The region called the Colorado Plateau is right there, too.