What's going on with my fir tree

Asked January 3, 2016, 3:43 PM EST

Hi.....I don't want to loose my fir tree if I can help it. The needles turn brown except for the ends of my branches.....I hope I'm explaining it right. Help! Centreville Md

Queen Anne's County Maryland

2 Responses

Based on the photo we think this a variety of Chamaecyparis known as 'Boulevard Cypress.' This particular variety is notorious for older dead needles NOT falling off the tree, so they are very noticeable. This is the growth habit of the plant and there is nothing you can do about it. If the plant is not too large, you may be able to brush you hands over the interior parts and try to knock off some of the brown needles. (Use gloves--the needles are prickly.)
You can send more photos of the whole tree, around its base, and affected foliage.

Thank you! I've been worried about this Cypress (?) for two years now. I have been snipping off the brown needles but was afraid to keep snipping. Also, to know the name of the cypress. I didn't know. You've been sooooo helpful!