Tree topping

Asked January 1, 2016, 11:45 PM EST

As I drove past the high school and community college, I was shocked to see every tree on the campus topped/mutilated. Unless there is some good reason for this, it strikes me as an outward indication of a failure in basic horticultural or natural resources education. I would be interested in what's up with this.

Tillamook County Oregon

2 Responses

I went out and looked at the high school's and community college's trees. The trees at the high school are pruned in an extreme way. I do not know who does the pruning for the high school, but I imagine that they are trying to keep trees that are too large for the space down to a size that minimizes potential risk. They appear to be flowering cherry trees, which tend to get several diseases in Tillamook. Removing diseased plant material is one way of coping with the disease issues. The pruning does appear to be more aggressive than is desirable for the trees' long term health. However, I doubt that the high school has a plan to replace the trees with something of a more appropriate size and that has fewer disease issues. I assume that the school district has personnel that does their own grounds keeping.

I also drove by the TBCC campus on third street. I did not see any problems with their trees. Were you looking at their old location on 1st street? If so that is now the Tillamook School District administrative offices and the same people are probably pruning those trees.

You may wish to share your concerns with the Tillamook School District.

Thanks for your response. I have no way of copying our correspondence and forwarding it to the school district, so please do that. There is no excuse for the utilization of trees and it sets a very poor example for others. I suggest that they remove the mal-treated trees and replace them with appropriate species if there was a disease problem with the existing trees. Good luck with anti-topping education in this area.