poisioned trees

Asked January 1, 2016, 8:43 AM EST

I have many palm trees. Someone has driven stakes that look like a bid nail into my trees. It has resulted in 2 foot dark burn spot around this area. Where do I go for help for my trees?

Martin County Florida

1 Response

Wounds made to palm tree trunks do not heal and can become entry sites for disease. I can't tell from the information provided if the discoloration you're observing is due to rot occurring around the wound site, possibly rusting of the spikes, or other cause. If you'd like to submit a sample of the palm to determine whether it is diseased, you can send in a sample to the UF Plant Pathology Lab; instructions and sample submittal forms are available at: http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/media/plantpathifasufledu/plant-disease-clinic/PDC_Submission_form_CC-.... There are environmental labs around the state that offer testing for poisons (pesticides, etc.); you can find a directory of these labs at


If you need any further help, you can reach us at the local Extension office in Stuart at 772-288-5654.