What is it and will it harm dogs?

Asked December 31, 2015, 11:42 AM EST

This jus started growing in December - maybe late November, in and near my mulch area. Area gets morning sun, and is well draining. I placed a quarter in pictures next to it. To me looks like the flower of a shrub rose...only brown, rubbery and 'petals' are 1/8" to 1/4" thick. Dug some up/out and doesn't seem to have either roots or bulb. Noticed new patch tis morning in another nearby area...I would have sworn they were not there yesterday! What is it? Is it poisonous to my dogs? Should I remove it...or let it be? Thank you appreciate all of your help! Have a great New Year!

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

This looks like a type of mushroom or fungus that grows on wood mulch. We are not the authority on their toxicity. You would have to confirm it's identification with a mycologist or other local mushroom expert.
If you are concerned that your dog may eat it, scoop it up and discard in the trash.