Long Term Care of Adult Child

Asked December 30, 2015, 9:07 PM EST

My parents are in their 70's taking care of my brother who is completely disabled with MS. I am over 1000 miles away and can't assist and they need medical transport to and from my brother's doctor's office. Are there grants available to pay for private medical transportation? They live in Ohio.

Ohio family caregiving

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Typically grants are awarded to nonprofit agencies, rather than individuals, to provide services of the type you are seeking. Assistance may be available to your brother through a local nonprofit community agency. I would recommend contacting the county board of developmental disabilities (or similar agency) in your parent's community for a referral. Service agencies often know of other agencies in their communities providing the best resources for a particular client's needs.

As an example there is a health service agency based in Cincinnati offering services to residents of Hamilton County and specific zip codes within Butler, Clermont and Warren counties. Other requirements are being 55 years of age or older and having health care needs that would qualify an individual for a nursing home level of care but the individual wants to remain in their own home. The name of this organization is TriHeath SeniorLink. If your family lives in one of the above mentioned counties TriHealth might be a good starting point for gathering information. They can be contacted at TriHealth.com or 513-569-6200. I mention this as another starting point since they are a service provider and would know about other agencies you might contact..

I hope this is helpful and good luck with discovering who will be able to assist you family.

Mona E Glover glover.195@osu.edu The Ohio State University Extension, Clermont County