"Fungus" on tree

Asked December 30, 2015, 3:06 PM EST

We have a beautiful large tree in our front yard. I think it's a white oak but I'm not sure. About two weeks ago I noticed that small limbs were falling off the tree and there seemed to be a "fungus" growth on these limbs. Small limbs are falling off more frequently and have an abundance of "fungus" on them. This tree is very important to us and I'm hoping that you can guide us as to how to get it back to a healthy state. I'm enclosing some pictures that show the full size of the tree as well as close-ups of the diseased branches that have fallen to the ground. Please advise as to what we can do. Many, many thanks.

Anne Arundel County Maryland dead branches trees possible pin oak

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We have been on winter break and received your question on this date.
The tree in your photo looks like it may be a pin oak. It can be normal for a pin oak to lose its lower branches and drop dead wood. The jelly type fungus tends to grow on dead or dying wood and are not harming your tree. Wood that is obviously dead can be pruned out any time of year.
We notice that the tree is growing very close to your house. We recommend that you contact a certified arborist for a site visit regarding the health of your tree. They can prune dead wood and let you know whether or not the tree may be a hazard and the best way to proceed http://www.treesaregood.org/
They may need to make another visit in the spring when the tree puts out new growth.