Wilted leaves

Asked December 30, 2015, 9:27 AM EST

I have a "Red Lion" Amaryllis. It is a triple with 2 stalks and is blooming beautifully. However, the leaves are wilted and have fallen to the bottom of the pot. Should I cut them off? If I do the only thing left will be the 2 stalks with the blooms. What should I do?

Travis County Texas

2 Responses

First - a disclaimer, giving plant health advice without seeing the patient is a guess based on the information provided.

If I understand correctly, ALL leaves have wilted and only the 2 bloom stalk is left. If this is the case, it is very likely that there had been some issue with the roots. It could be some root/bulb rot which could occur due to excessive moisture, poor OR over fertility, or pathogen, or cold (large temperature drop).
I would say to leave the leaves alone UNLESS there is clear evidence that the leaves are rotting (soft rot - has a mushy appearance and may smell fishy).
If root damage is extensive or some bacterial rot is occurring, the prognosis for recovery is not good.

I would like to add that after blooming, it will need to grow healthy leaves to energize the bulb to be viable for blooming next year. New leaves should appear soon if healthy, but don't give up unless the bulb fails. Also, hope you can monitor that soil moisture visually, with a moisture meter, or your finger.
Good luck from a gardener in Maryland