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Is MD going to offer any help to people growing hops in Wicomico county?

Wicomico County Maryland

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There are Extension Educators who have been growing hops in Maryland, and we also network with other states who also grow hops. On the Delmarva Peninsula we are subject to hot and often muggy weather which can increase the chances of many diseases. The disease pressure was the main reason hop crops were moved to the mid-west and later to the far west.

What help do you need at this time?

what help do you need at this time? happy to hook you up with some growers and Extension Educators.

It would be nice if someone could help me with suggestions during growing season. I am joining Old Dominion Hops Cooperative and thinking about going to the hops conference in Virginia this year. Would MD have any grants or incentives available this year for hops?

hi again, I talked to Dave Myers who is growing Hops in Upper Marlboro, and he sent a lot of information that I can share with you now. Here are his hops yard slides: http://extension.umd.edu/anne-arundel-county/agriculture/agnr-slide-presentations


he also recommends that you check with the local breweries and ask which varieties that they are most interested in. There is also the Maryland Hops Association: http://stillpointfarming.com and the Northeast Hops Alliance at http://www.northeasthopalliance.org The feasibility study answers many variety and marketing questions. Dave has focused his research on growing and delivering wet, aromatic hops for small micro breweries. 5 pounds of wet hops equates to 1 pound of dried pelleted hops, equivalent to a market value of $12. wet hops are usually worth more than dried as they are perishable and need refrigeration. Dave also suggest following the Michigan Spray Guide for hops, it was compiled in 2014 and as long as the product is sold in Maryland and Hops is on the label, it is registered for use. http://hops.msu.edu/uploads/files/pesticides_registered_for_use_on_hops_in_michigan-_final.pdf Some of the products he has used include fixed copper (Kocide), Phosphorus acid (Phostrol), Pristine, Ridomil for fungicides, bifenthrin, for insecticides. https://extension.umd.edu/anne-arundel-county/agriculture/anne-arundel-county-agnr-newsletter#



Hi again, my name is Linn Burtelle , my farm is located at 11201 Sharptown Road, Mardela Springs MD. 21837. All the information that you have sent me is either file not found, old, or information that at least in my opinion not relevant to our area. I have just joined Old Dominion Hops Cooperative which includes MD, VA, N. and S. Carolina. There is a hops conferenced in Richmond VA in March which I am going to try to attend maybe you or someone from MD dept of ag might want to attend? I am also a member of the north east hops association too. Kudos to you, as you are one of the very few that have responded to my inquires. Robin Culver has responded also. You could use my hop yard for information for the eastern shore if you were interested. The images that I sent in the last message were from my hop yard last year.

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Hi Linn, I know that the information is not of this year, but it is still viable. I am sorry that some of the information was unable to be accessed. Thank you for letting me know about the Hops conference in March, I will pass that information on to Dave Myers! In the spring I will be happy to visit your hops yard, thank you for the invitation.