Social Media and Oligopolistic Markets

Asked December 27, 2015, 11:21 AM EST

-How useful do you believe previous techniques of marketing, such as billboards and televisions adverts, were in promoting businesses? Taking into account the context of the time period.

-Other than technology advancements why do you think social media is becoming an essential asset in trading?

-Do you believe social media is just as important or valued in smaller or uneven markets and why?

-What are the main factors regarding the choice of using social media? What factors would be considered in an oligopolistic market?

Outside United States

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Good Day, We are currently on winter break, but I'd be happy to answer your question when we return in January. I use social media heavily so I do have a lot to share on the subject. If you need a more immediate answer, the answers can be found online using related key words in google searches like "social media oligopolistic market." Try it and see what you find or contact me directly in January (we return on the 4th) and I'll do the best I can to assist.

Hi Dara,
If you are still able to help me by responding to these questions that would be a great help as it is in relation to a research project I am currently doing.

Good Day,

I'm just checking in with you. I was notified a couple days ago that your question was being answered by another colleague, but was also reminded this morning that you were still awaiting an answer.