The killing of a turkey

Asked December 27, 2015, 9:37 AM EST

My husband is about to kill his Turkey which was reared by himself in rural Ireland to be eaten on New Years Day in four days time. As this is our first attempt at this I was wondering what is the correct protocol involved. We have been told to isolate the bird from his fellow mates. Then proceed to non feeding of the bird for three days before carrying out the fatal deed. Once dead apparently one day of hanging is sufficient before cooking and consuming the bird - please advise

Outside United States

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The article on gives an over view of the processing of a chicken. The same process is followed for processing a chicken. Feed withdrawal should be 12-13 hours before processing. Three days is excessive. In the US poultry must be cooled to 45F within four hours. Not sure what the regulations are where you are. If only slaughtering one turkey it is not an issue. Storing for at least a day is best before consuming.