Chestnut trees for wildlife

Asked December 24, 2015, 12:18 AM EST

Hi, I have a 40 acre parcel that was basically clear cut in 2011, prior to my purchasing. Many efforts by the previous owner as well as myself to reforest the property have already been completed with good success. I've identified an area where trees have not already been planted - it's a slope between some high sandy ridges an lower swale areas. The slope has acidic, sandy loam. My thought was to plant some chestnut trees on the slope, primarily on the portion that will receive morning & mid-day sun, but will be shaded towards the afternoon. Prior to planting, I plan to do a soil PH test, but since all the rest of the land has a PH around 6.3, I'm assuming this will be similar. My question is what type of chestnuts would you recommend - keep in mind that I'm looking to improve the property for wildlife (particularly whitetail deer). I am planning to cage the trees to protect them from the deer until they grow above the browse height.

Alpena County Michigan

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For use as a wildlife forage, Chinese chestnut seedlings will work just fine. To learn more about chestnuts and find vendors, please visit our website at