how to grow corona beans

Asked December 21, 2015, 4:22 PM EST

i got hundreds of blooms but only about 10% got polinized on the row and the ones that did get polinized there were only 1or 2 seeds to a pod. i grow blue lake beans on the same row and they polinized very well. i have a friend that is a m.g.he gets the same results with his corona bean.what can we do to get a better crop thankyou very much delbert.

Washington County Oregon

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Blue Like beans really like our short growing season (harvest expected ~60 days). They are reliable producers here. Dry beans, like corona, need warm temperatures to germinate (plant directly May or June, or start indoors earlier) and to produce fruit (beans). They also take longer to produce a crop (~85 days)- blue lake beans are harvested when the beans are not fully ripened. Shelling beans (like corona) also can experience "blossom abscission" where flowers drop off the vines when the weather is hot and dry, which we had alot of last summer. That's probably the reason you didn't get good pollination. Abscission is the dropping off of a plant part, like leaves or flowers. It's normal with deciduous trees in the fall, as they lose their leaves.

To get a good crop of corona beans start them indoors, maybe in April and transplant them into the garden when the soil temperature is 68-85 degrees in May. Alternatively, you could sow them directly in the soil in May or June when the soil temperature is 65-85. Keep them well watered through the growing season, and expect to harvest them in late August into September.