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Asked December 21, 2015, 12:43 PM EST

I'm wondering what this is and what might've been in it. It looks like it came off of a tree. I'm not sure what it is. It appeared to be hard. It had small white things that were coming out of it the size of maybe salt or sand. I don't believe it was either. But that's just a size reference. I've never seen anything like this and am very curious. Hope you will be able to help thank you and happy holidays. When I took the picture of the backside of this it turned pretty much black, even though in appearance it was the same color as the front side. I did find this one on my porch but have found several on the ground by where I parked my car. I did not notice these there are year ago when I moved in so it seems to be something new.

Strafford County New Hampshire trees and shrubs

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Hello. This appears to be a seed pod from a black locust tree. As they appear bean-like, this is an indicator that these plants are actually in the legume(bean) family. This family is capable of taking nitrogen from the air and capturing it in their roots, eventually releasing it back into the soil for use by plant life.

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