Young Maples Have Bark Issue

Asked December 21, 2015, 10:41 AM EST

I live in a development that is less than 5 years old with maples and other trees that line the street. I noticed that many of the trees have something going on with the bark. Can you tell me what it might be and if I should worry about it? Is there something I should do about it? Maple 5 years past year entire trunk/bark full sun I apply a compost tea and sometimes tree spikes 15-20 feet tall

Cecil County Maryland lichens trees maple

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Looks like there are lichens on the tree trunk in your photo. Lichens grow harmlessly on tree trunks and no control is necessary. See our website for more information

Also, we do not recommend fertilizer spikes. They concentrate fertilizer within a small area and can affect the root system. In general, established trees and shrubs usually do not benefit from fertilization. In the landscape, woody plants receive nutrients from lawn fertilizer if their roots are adjacent to or growing in turf areas. Nutrients are provided by decomposing organic matter such as fallen leaves, decaying mulch, and minerals in the soil. Overfertilization can make the plants susceptible to sucking insects.
A reason to fertilize is if you notice poor growth, leaf yellowing, etc. Fertilize according to a soil test. Results will give pH and nutrient deficiencies. mh