Florida Tropic Peach Tree

Asked December 20, 2015, 2:08 PM EST

I have a peach tree that I purchased in October 2015. I was told to strip all the leaves off in December which I have as you can see in the picture I have two new shoots coming offt He bottom. I am attaching pictures I hope you can see them. My question is should I strip the new leaves also? Should I do any pruning at this time?

Pasco County Florida

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It is difficult to tell from the photographs if this branch is above or below the graft. If it below the graft then it needs to be removed as this is the rootstock and does not produce desirable fruit. If it is above the graft you could leave it knowing this will be very low to the ground, which can be good and bad, the good is that branch will make for easier picking and bad if you are wanted to maintain the area below that branch. This factsheet from the University of Florida has many details about pruning and training peaches, this might help you making the choice to keep or remove the branch. https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/hs365

The branch is above the graph should I strip the leaves like I have done to the other branches or leave them alone?

This branch looks very soft and tender versus the ones without leaves, you might damage the branch in the process of leaf removal. I would recommend you let the plant naturally go dormant, which should be soon.