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Asked December 19, 2015, 12:46 PM EST

are there any wild grape, orchards, sellers, in Arkansas. our dad and granddad called them possum grapes. there was an old wild grape vine in Burns Park, but, the idiots cut it down. They make good jelly.

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Arkansas has several native grape species. These native grapes can cross breed among themselves and with cultivated varieties of grape. It will be your good fortune to find the same grape characteristics of the native grape you mention. A good resource on native plants in your area is the Arkansas Native Plant Society http://www.anps.org/ . On their home page there is a menu bar on the top. Click on the heading "Resources" in this top menu bar , and scroll down to the sub-heading 'Sources' which lists three native plant nursery sources in Arkansas. There are likely more native plant nurseries. Aside from the plant sources listed in Arkansas Native Plant Society website, the Pulaski County members of that group likely includes someone knowledgeable of local, favorite native grapes. Most Native Plant Society members enjoy sharing information, learning about and growing native plants.
Another option is to contact Arkansas Dept. of Parks and Tourism. They manage Burns Park. You never know unless you contact the department whether they might know the value of the wild grapes and have cuttings of the native grape growing. It's a long shot but worth writing Dept. of Parks & Tourism. If nothing else your contact with them may encourage the department to be more careful managing the native plant resources on the land they manage.
Finally Burns Park is a former military reservation. Former military property frequently has plants that soldiers brought from their home area for a particular reason. That fact complicates the origin of the wild grape in Burns Park. Best wishes in finding the possum grape. You live in a beautiful state with lots of good people. I lived there for seven years.