Hello, My question concerns the storage of baled hay. Currently our two story...

Asked December 18, 2015, 7:06 PM EST

Hello, My question concerns the storage of baled hay. Currently our two story wood barn, the first floor which had been a dairy barn for the past 90 years has a second story that we use to store hay for our horse boarding operation. The barn loft has a louvered opening on the long side as well as two smaller doors on the ends where loose cut hay was originally brought into the loft.. the structure is approximately 73 feet by 40 feet. The roof is asphalt shingle. My question is we are considering painting, again, the barn. Would it be feasible to simply side the wooden walls with a white metal pole barn type siding leaving the vents and doors uncovered or would this restrict the air flow too much.. We currently store about 2000 bales at any one time in the loft. The floors of the loft are old board and planking. In the course of a year we will go through about 5000 bales. You can see an air view of the complex which includes the old dairy barn on our web site - walnutcreekstables.net If you need more information please contact me.

Hamilton County Ohio

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Based on what you have said and the ventilation I see in the photo of what appears to be a continuous eave vent and I assume there is also continuous ridge vent. Both of these are important to maintain for ventilation. Maintaining these openings and then applying steel siding to the exterior walls should cause no more problems than you are currently experiencing when storing dry hay of 15% moisture or less.