Disinfecting pen containing cattle ringworm exposure

Asked December 18, 2015, 1:42 PM EST

How do you effectively disinfect a barn pen where a 4-H steer with ringworm ate from a manger and slept. We want to use the area for a pregnant cow and her new calf. The steer was in there in 2013 for a couple of weeks before going back to original owner. We have not used the pen since.

Benton County Oregon

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Dermatophyte spores are susceptible to benzalkonium chloride, dilute chlorine bleach (1% sodium hypochlorite),enilconazole (0.2%), formaldehyde and some strong detergents. In one study, a 10% solution of alkyldimetylbenzylammonium chloride prevented the growth of M. canis from 97% of contaminated hairbrushes,
and Virkon -S® was effective on 87%. Another study found that a preparation containing benzylammonium bromide and ethoxyllauric alcohol was effective against the anthropophilic fungi usually found on swimming room floors. Dermatophytes are also reported to be susceptible to iodophors, glutaraldehyde and phenolic compounds; however, some agents may have limited efficacy in “real life” environmental disinfection.The mechanical removal of any material containing keratin, such as shed skin and hairs, facilitates disinfection.
Vacuuming is considered to be the best method in many cases. Dusting may also be appropriate. After mechanical removal, washable surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly with detergent and water. Dermatophytes are susceptible to high heat. Moist heat of 121°C, applied for at least 20 minutes, or dry heat of 165-170°C for 2 hours, are reported to be effective.

Please visit the Iowa State Website for cleaning ans disinfection procedures: