disease of canary island date palm

Asked December 15, 2015, 1:01 PM EST

I am an amateur enthusiast, not a nursery, but I've been raising maybe 400 CIDP's and my seedlings are 1 1/2 yr. old. Only there aren't 400 any more --- half of them have died. No, I don't over-water or under-water. What happens is weird. The average seedling stands 1-2 feet tall and has leaves about 1/2 - 3/4 inch across. But the leaves, or fronds, begin narrowing and retracting to the central spine till all that is left is a straw. The straw struggles, stays green, but finally dies. Can you tell me what's up?

Harris County Texas

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Thank you for your inquiry.
Are these containerized or in-ground? With as much rain as we got in your part of Texas, we have seen issues with root rots. Occasionally these root rots can be due to excessive water and/or root rotting pathogens. Additionally, the symptom you describe as narrowing and retracting sound like a tip dieback. This symptom can also be due to some nutritional imbalances.
I would suggest for your to contact your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension county office for assistance. You might want to provide the following information:
1. When problem was first noticed?
2. Did problem gradually got worse?
3. are there photos of the symptoms that you can share?
4. Out of the 400 plants, did you notice a pattern of damage in the planting group?
5. On dead plant, had you have a chance to look at the root system? is there a photo?