Plant name?

Asked December 14, 2015, 6:17 PM EST

Whar plant is this? Its winter season but in FL, i want to know how to water it so i meed its name.

Lee County Florida

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This looks like some kind of club moss from the Lycopodiella species.
It's not really a moss-it's from a group of plants called the Fern Allies, that date back to when the dinosaurs roamed the earth! They are endangered in Florida.

Florida has wet summers and dryer winters. This is the general care advice for your potted club moss. During the spring and summer, it should get about 1 inch of moisture per week in order to keep the soil very moist but not flooded. If it doesn't rain, then water it. During the winter, cut back on the watering. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Here's more information about how to care for it.