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Asked December 14, 2015, 4:05 PM EST

Hi, I'm a beginner in gardening, and I want to start my own flower seeds in pots in my balcony. The problem is, I don't know how to, like where to place the pots, how often to expose them to direct sunlight, how to water them, whether to cover them with something or not... etc... So, I thought of sending you the names of my seeds, hoping you would give me the appropriate advice and tips for each one; I would be really, really grateful for that! My seeds are: 1- Pomponette (bellis perennis) 2- Snapdragons 3- Verbena Nana Compacta 4- Pelargonium Geranium N.B. : It might help to know that I don't have artificial growing lights, and that I can supply you with info about my balcony in case you need so. Thanks a lot in advance.

Outside United States

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A beautiful choice of flowers, but not the easiest ones to try for your first time. I've done all these, but often have considerable difficulty and I've been growing flowers from seed for many many years. That's not to discourage you... it's a wonderful hobby!... but I'd hate you to be disappointed.

I don't know where you're writing from, so don't know your conditions, but I would suggest practising on some easier seeds first, to get more confidence: marigolds for example are bigger seed (easier to handle), germinate more quickly than some, and grow rapidly. By experimenting with those, you'll be more ready to tackle the temperamental, slow-growing, and tiny seeds you have picked out.

Most flower packages have detailed information about sowing, timing, light and so on. If your packages don't I'd suggested consulting some websites of large seed companies which often have very detailed information. The Stokes co for example has excellent resources, but others do as well, and local ones will have information that relevant to your growing area. They will give you all the information in more detail than I can write here.

Good luck!