Bizarre Bugs

Asked December 14, 2015, 3:48 PM EST

The extension service has been so helpful in identifying garden pests, I'm wondering if there is someone there who can help me identify - and get rid of! - an odd kitchen invader. I have flying bugs, like over-sized fruit flies, black bodies, translucent wings. They behave a lot like fruit flies, too, except they don't seem interested in fruit - and it's the middle of the winter! They mostly hang around my kitchen sink but they have spread to other rooms of the house, even my upstairs bathroom. I've never seen these insects before and I'm 60+ so I've seen my share! Any ideas? Please let me know. Thanks

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

If these don't seem to be associated with overripe fruit or vegetables, or pet cages and truly seem most interested in your drains, it is probably a type of drain fly.
They breed in the gelatinous residue that can collect over time in drains. We'd suggest disrupting their life cycle by getting an enzymatic drain cleaner to dissolve away the gunk.
You may see them all over the house because they are attracted to light and are just trying to find their way outside.