cover crop termination tools

Asked December 13, 2015, 11:02 PM EST

What are the names of the tractor-based tools that NO-TILL farmers use to kill their cover crop mixtures while said crops are still green? Are there any hand tools for doing the same? Say, for a fellow who has 50 100 foot long raised beds, doing no-till, wanting to implement cover crops. Thank you, Baruch

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Hi Baruch,
We just spoke on the phone and your Ask an Expert question got assigned to me as well. What a small world!

As discussed no-till cover crops are terminated at flowering (anthesis). In some parts of the US a roller crimper is used, in the maritime PNW Doug Collins and others at WSU are experimenting with flail mowers and strip tillers. Their approach gives a bit more flexibility as far as time of termination, and I think it also reduces the risk of cover crop regrowth.

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