what type apple tree

Asked December 13, 2015, 11:39 AM EST

How do I find out what kind of apple tree I have?

Fillmore County Minnesota apple cultivars

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It is often very hard to identify particular apple varieties, especially if the tree is old. Many of our older trees are "wild" varieties with uncertain parentage. Furthermore apple seeds do not produce the same kind of apple that the parent tree is/was. Each seed in an apple will produce a different kind!

If your tree is younger and you can see the graft union (a bulge or knot of wood right at or slightly above the ground on the trunk) you can be sure that it is a named variety.

Sometimes an experienced apple grower will be able to make a good guess based on the size, shape and bark, leaves and fruit. Sometimes you can simply compare the look and taste of the apples to local varieties.

Here are some links to help you hunt down your apples. If nothing looks familiar you may simply have one of the many un-named hybrids that abound in our Midwestern fields, forests and gardens. When you look through these links remember to narrow your search to apples that grow in the Midwest since many of these listed do not grow here: