Huisache girdler

Asked December 11, 2015, 10:16 PM EST

We have a wooded event site a couple of miles north of Victoria. Much of the small trees are huisache. We are NOT looking for more huisache BUT want the huisache that we do have to NOT have horizontal limbs caused by the girdler. I spend 6 hours/week collecting and burning girdled limbs from only the trees near roads or cleared areas
In looking for ideas to reduce the time spent collecting & burning limbs
My best idea is to find a great number of volunteers that will collect all the fallen limbs and burn them before them larvae leave the fallen limb.
Please let me know the latest date the plan will work...

Victoria County Texas

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Wow! That's a bunch of girdler activity. Usuall, you find one or two limbs not hundreds, so the populations must be very high. Girdler females lay between 10 and 100 eggs on branches that are girdled. The eggs hatch in about 3 weeks and the larvae feed on the cut branches. You are right in disposing of the cut limbs. The sooner you can dispose of the limbs after they are cut the better. The latest date would be when you stop seeing falling branches. Until that time, you will still have adult beetles working and laying egg and the cycle is subject to continue. Thanks for the question!