Insect in the home

Asked December 9, 2015, 11:22 PM EST

I keep finding these tiny bugs in the bedroom on the walls. Just one or so per week. Anyone know what it might be?

Clark County Washington

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Hello, they are carpet beetle larvae. They are harmless and very common in houses and can feed on a variety of things that include dried animal protein such as pet food or animal trophies. To learn more and find management solutions, visit:

Thanks Todd

Thank you so much Todd!
The weird thing is that the home is brand new and I don't have animals. I wonder what else they would be feeding on... I'll check out the link you sent me.
Thanks again!!!!!!

It is also not unusal for a small animal to expire in a wall void. Dermestid beetles, aka carpet beetles, also feed on dried animal tissue. In fact, they use these beetles to clean off bones at museums! They are very good at it.