Worm Identification

Asked December 9, 2015, 9:11 PM EST

Is there an expert that can help me with worm identification. These worms came out of my dog, and various vets have not been able to identify them. I am trying to find out if there is an expert in Delaware or surrounding states that I can reach out to.

Sussex County Delaware parasites

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Hi -- the dog internal parasites you are most able to see with the naked eye are the roundworm (several inches long, white, looks like spaghetti) and tapeworm segments. There are two types of tapeworms: one has flat off-white rectangular segments and the other looks like a piece of rice. The flat one (Taenia) is a result of the dog having eaten an rabbit or rodent infected with a tapeworm; the rice-like one (Diplidium) is the result of the dog swallowing a flea with a tapeworm egg inside it. You can also see hookworms and whipworms; they are like roundworms but are much smaller. This site has some good photo of dog parasites: http://www.missionridgevet.com/my-dog-has-worms-what-do-i-do/. You can now do a Google image search using the names of these dog parasites and see which is the best match with what you saw. Best wishes,