Lawn fertilizering ?

Asked December 7, 2015, 7:12 PM EST

Is it too late to fertilize a lawn this time of year? I considering doing, this taking into account the present temperatures. I want to put down "weed and feed" for next year's growth. At present time my lawn has lots of weeds that look like three leaf clover. What can I do to improve chances of eliminating weeds next spring? Please help!

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It is too late to fertilize your lawn for this year, in fact in Maryland it is now against the law for a homeowner to apply fertilizer after Nov. 15th. (Lawn fertilizers are one of the components in the pollution of the Chesapeake Bay).

Here is our Lawn page, which has much information, including the best timing and practices to fertilize your lawn, It also has links to how to control weeds.
If your lawn is more weeds than tall fescue, we'd recommend a renovation or overseeding. It's too late for that as well, but all the information you need to accomplish this next year is also on this link: