What is destroying my life

Asked December 6, 2015, 7:33 AM EST

My problem started about 3 months ago and has destroyed my life as I knew it... Ok... I thought we had bed bugs, I hired Terminex, they treated, but the problem persisted... Terminex said no signs of bed bugs.... But yet I'm still getting bit... A lot.... My 8 yr old grandson sleeps with me most nights but just barely gets bit every now and then... I have a 28 yr old handicapped daughter who doesn't walk or talk, she sleeps in her own room and is getting bit occasionally... Not nearly as much as me (thank God) but more than my grandson.... I started noticing shiny specs on my face and body, on the bathroom counter sometimes even on my kitchen table.... Now it is 3 months later and I have about 40 or so bites covering my body.... I've researched and I decided I have bird mites.... They sort of stick to my body sometimes, they bite me a lot and they are making my life a living hell.... I vacuume and dust 3 times a day, wash clothes with bleach and borax in extra hot water, and dry everything on high for an hour... I was told windex kills them so I spray it everywhere all the time.... I change our bedding nightly and get them fresh from the dryer, I never stop and yet I'm making no progress.... Please pleas please help me... I'm a 57 yr old female, and I've never been suicidal until the past couple months.... I'm begging... Please help

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Hi -- I can feel the stress and pain in your message! I'm so sorry you are undergoing such a difficult time.

Do you want this situation to end? I think I know what the problem is and the good news is there is something that could help you a lot, but it is UP TO YOU if you take this advice and make your life better. Most people with this (presumed) condition never take this advice and continue to suffer for years. YEARS.

If you cannot envision going one more day like this, here is what you MUST do: make an appointment to see a dermatologist to rule out a primary skin condition. Print the question you submitted to Ask an Expert and take that along with you so he/she can see the depth of the issue for you in case you are not able to verbalize that in person.

After all you have done in your home to kill insect pests (and Terminx people telling you there are no bed bugs), it is doubtful insects are still present, even if they were the inciting cause of your problem. Take some Scotch tape and try to collect some of the "specks" you have noticed; take these samples to the doctor. Do not take any other samples.

Do not be surprised if the doctor does not find any pests in these samples. At this point, stop talking and LISTEN to the dermatologist, even if you disagree with what he/she is saying. He/she may refer you to another doctor and TO END THIS NIGHTMARE, YOU MUST FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THIS REFERRAL. There is an excellent medication available that has helped many, many other people with this condition, but all too few are ever willing to follow through with the dermatologist's referral and continue to suffer needlessly for years and years. YEARS.

If you can't imagine living with this situation for your entire life, PLEASE re-read the title you gave your initial question ("What is destroying my life?") and follow the advice above. I'm sure you want your life to return to normal so you have time to care for your daughter and grandson and even some relaxing time for yourself. Following the advice in this response is your best hope for gaining control of your life again.

Please contact me personally at kerrs@wsu.edu because I'd like to stay in touch with you. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you will see a dermatologist ASAP.