dry and high altitude baking tarts and macarons

Asked December 3, 2015, 2:54 PM EST

I have a new oven and have noticed that my tart au citron came out bubbly and over-baked for the amount of time the recipe called for. Any suggestions? I am also looking at making macarons at 5,300 feet. I expect them to be equally fussy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bernalillo County New Mexico

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I don't know if this is a new recipe or one you have made before. I am going to assume it is a recipe you have made before.

You need to check the temperature of your oven. Just because it is new does not mean it is accurate. So purchase an oven thermometer, if you don't have one, and test your oven. If your oven if off by a few degrees the manual that came with your stove will tell you how to adjust it if it is gas. If it is not gas then you will need to remember the difference between what your oven thermometer says and what your stove says. For example your stove after being preheated says the oven has reached 350 degrees but the thermometer might say 370 degrees. Then you will need to remember that you have a 20 degree difference. If it is more of a difference than you want to always remember contact your salesperson or the company. Which I would recommend considering the price of a new stove.

If this was a new recipe then I suggest you make something in your new oven that you have made before and you know how it comes out in a certain amount of time. Keep in mind each oven is different so keep that in mind too.

Here is an article that might be of interest to you: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/food_and_appliance_thermometers_make_great_gifts

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