Red Sunset Maple seeds

Asked December 3, 2015, 3:15 AM EST

My wife and I moved into a lovely neighborhood lined with Red Sunset Maple trees. I noticed this summer many seedlings in the mulch beds and one sapling 3 feet tall. All with similiar leaves as the Sunset Maples. I transplanted the small ones to the woods and transplanted the large on to a spot in the backyard assuming that these were young Red Sunset Maple trees. I was told in a gardening forum that Red Sunset Maples are cultivars of the native Red Maple and cloned through root cuttings. I was also told seedlings woud revert to a native Red Maple trees. Is this true? If so I will have to move the large sapling to the woods. I have seen some very large Red Maples in my lifetime. Much bigger then the Red Sunsets I have seen. Thanks

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Yes, you are correct. "Red Sunset" ('Franksred') is a trademarked cultivar introduced by J. Frank Schmidt and Son in 1966. And, since it is derived from a cross between at least two different species of maple, the seeds will not produce another 'Red Sunset'. The resulting seedlings will have the characteristics of one or more of the ancestors.