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Asked December 2, 2015, 3:02 PM EST

Hello my name is Eric, I own 90 acres in plum borrough Allegheny County. I am very interested in having my property timbered either select timber we're clear cut. My property is located very close to your branch campus in new Kensington Pennsylvania. Is there anyway somebody could help me figure out a value of my timber? Could you please let me know as soon as possible? Thank you, Eric

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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In order to get a good estimate of the value of timber you have on your property, I would recommend having an assessment done by a consulting forester. A consulting forester will be familiar with current timber markets and be able to assess the overall makeup and quality of your property. He/she will be able to recommend a management plan for what should or shouldn't be cut now or in the future to maximize potential income from the timber as well as protect and sustain the ecology and health of the land.

I would strongly recommend against select cutting, also known as high grading or diameter limit cutting, where only the largest, most quality trees are removed, as the trees left behind tend to be of a poorer quality and health. These trees will likely never develop into quality trees with timber value and the overall ecological health of the forest is decreased.

You might like to check out these publications for more information:
Forestry with Confidence: A Guide for Woodland Owners:
Best Management Practices for Pennsylvania Forests:

Penn State also compiles quarterly timber market reports for Pennsylvania. These reports can be found here:

You may also want to contact a Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry service forester, who could possibly take a look at your property and provide some initial guidance on pursuing timber harvest. You can find contact information for service foresters here: