Phalaenopsis Bloom?

Asked November 29, 2015, 9:35 PM EST

I need help to determine when a moth orchid is showing signs of growing a flower spike. I don't know if that white purplish blob on the base is the off shoot? I try all my best to provide its temperatures for blooming. I've brought this orchid last December 2014 while it was bloomed. Now it's almost the winter time and I would like to see flowers. Any help will be greatly appreciated thank you!

Duval County Florida

1 Response

It's a little difficult to tell for certain based on your photo but to me it looks like a root. If it is a flower, it will soon become obvious and will develop flower buds along the tip. Phalaenopsis orchids prefer bright but indirect light. Try applying an orchid fertilizer with every third or forth watering. Be patient; many of these bloom early in the year so if the plant is in the right conditions, it should initiate a bloom spike soon.