Is this nutria or coyote scat?

Asked November 29, 2015, 4:03 PM EST

I live on a small community island and am concerned about new white Chinese geese we have brought to the island. Lately I am seeing large deposits of feces from some animal. The bulk of it, or latrine, has been deposited on top of the nest where the goose recently laid and sat on her eggs for 30 days, and occassionally pooping in her nest. I am fearful that the turds are coyote which would be a danger to the geese, but hoping they are nutria which only eat grass and herbs. Thanks so much for your help identifying this scat.

Galveston County Texas

2 Responses

Hello, Thank you for your question and photos. I am going to ask a colleague to view the images to determine the scat origin.
I will be in touch early next week. Thank you! Julie Massey

Thank you! Have since discovered that the dock, under which the nutria hide, has been washed away, so hoping that its nutria scat. We possibly have a raccoon and possum in the neighbordood too. Our maintence man has seen coyote.