Squirrels debarking tree

Asked November 29, 2015, 3:44 PM EST

We have a fee squirrels debarking a very old HUGE cedar type free in our yard in Tamaqua. They've never done this before - but they are relentless the last 3 months &we fear for our beautiful tree. What can we do about the critters- also for our tree.

Schuylkill County Pennsylvania

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Several things can be done, but it depends if you wish to pursue this. The squirrels are stripping bark in order to build a nest and the fibrous bark can make soft bedding for them. Suggestive actions would be to spray the tree with a dog repellent or pepper spray. Many of these prepared products can be found at most hardware stores. you can also wrap the affected areas in wire to prevent further chewing, but this will at times not work as the animals will pick another spot on the tree. You can also consult a professional pest control agency for consultation, trapping and removal. For further info on squirrel pest control, refer to:


Thank you, G.