Canning chili

Asked November 28, 2015, 10:35 PM EST

I want to pressure can some chili. There are several recipes I've seen where you don't have to precook the chili before you can it, like this one But I try to always use approved recipes when I can. Is there one similar to this? It seems like it would be so much easier than the one in the Ball Blue Book.

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It is essential when you can chili that you get the chili hot before putting it in the jars. Yes it would be easier to put it in cold but that is not safe (even though you found it on the internet). When food is canned in a pressure canner, which is required for chili, then the food must be hot in the jars before pressure canning it. It all has to do with the testing that has been done to make sure the foods when properly canned will not pose the risk of botulism when people eat the canned food.

I advise that you use research tested recipes like those found at the National Home Food Preservation site, USDA, Ball Blue Book and Extension bulletins. That is because we know those recipes have been tested and are safe when prepared according to directions.

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