short lived Christmas cactus flowers

Asked November 27, 2015, 4:08 PM EST

I'm always so thrilled when my cactus blooms --- 25 flowers this year---, but the joy quickly turns to sorrow because the blossoms wilt and die very quickly --- maybe 2-3 days later. What am I doing wrong? In the past, i thought maybe I'd watered too much while they were blooming; this year I didn't water while they were blooming.


Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Once plants are in flower, they should be kept in bright, indirect light. Day temperatures of 70 degrees F and evening temperatures of 60-65 degrees F are considered ideal. Be sure to water thoroughly, but let plant dry slightly between waterings. It is especially important not to let soil dry too much during flowering. See the link from U of Illinois for more information