Moths, moths, everywhere

Asked November 25, 2015, 2:44 PM EST

What is the best way to treat a moth infestation ?
I have found the larvae and eggs in clothes and carpets.
Do they also live on synthetic clothes, create a cocoon, thereby causing some damage before they find no source of food and move on ?? Could they jump ship and seek out a more tasty food source, ie my favourite thin wool shawl or a cashmere sweater ??
How effective is freezing ?

Outside United States

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So sorry to hear about your moth infestation problem. While most moths don't cause problems like that, there are obviously a few species who do. They prefer natural fibers, as synthetics are plastics and probably inedible.

Freezing can help, especially if deep enough and long enough. You will have to remove all clothing from the effected area, clean the area, then treat and inspect the clothing before return. You might also try putting clothes - especially the most treasured ones - in special bags. While not required, if you can get a picture of the moths, it would be easier to identify them (I might be able to help with that). Armed with specific moth type, it might be possible to do additional search online as to successful tactics used by others.