How to use both speaker but one speaker have same sound + communication only and other only sound?

Asked November 25, 2015, 12:11 AM EST

Hi. I'm using 2 type of speaker like one is HDMI cable TV speaker and other one is direct green plug headphone speaker. Even I know stereo mix driver can play both speaker. However I want to make like this: HDMI cable TV speaker will use background playback speaker (like music, ingame sound etc) but not communication will listen from it. I mean if I use TeamSpeak, HDMI cable TV will not give any playback sound from it. And at speaker sound jack can listen background sound and also communication too. BTW at speaker jack I use headphone jack line. Cause I have only 3 plugin jack is line-in, speaker and mic. So this is what I was thinking, Any possible how to do like this?
More easy details look at that picture. I want to do like this:
No. 1 speaker: This speaker will only have background sound only.
No. 2 speaker: This speaker will have background sound and communication sound.

Please answer ASAP. Sorry for my bad English :)

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All of the audio for a computer comes through the sound card of the computer. The sound card then sends the audio out to a speaker set of your choice. I am not aware of any common sound card that can send the audio to different speakers based on audio source.

You may be able to have some control of the audio output through the software or app that handles your communication and background sound.