Rodenator (oxygen & propane) for mole elimination

Asked November 24, 2015, 12:43 AM EST

Found this website Please is this approach effective, if so how effective? Other suggestions? I have the Out O' Site scissor traps but . . . want fast, effective control without damaging my yard.


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I have heard good reports about the Rodenator and have seen some demonstrations. This technology works well given certain soil properties. It does not work well in sandy soils and in recently/annual tilled fields. Apparently these soils do not maintain the tunnels integrity and collapsing tunnels protect the rodents from being exposed to the detonation.

Here in Washington State, we are unable to recommend body gripping traps as you have described due to state regulations that generically outlaw all body gripping traps. Furthermore, it is imperative that you properly identify which rodent that you are dealing with-- Mole or Vole. Depending on the rodent, different strategies are better than others. In western WA, it is likely to be moles; in eastern WA, voles. So you have a little more investigation to do before WSU Extension can answer your question.

A couple resources to consider that are specific to the State of Washington:

What is tunneling in my lawn?

Mole Management in Washington Backyards

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are dealing with moles, there may be another pest problem in the home landscape that is attracting moles- insect lawn pest problems. And it may be more worthwhile to try an manage that pest first.

Good luck in your endeavors!

Thank you for your reply. I know it's mole activity as I caught one and there are volcano like mounds. You said: "there may be another pest problem in the home landscape that is attracting moles- insect lawn pest problems." Please, my ground was initially hardpan. I removed some of it, brought in fresh Tagro potting soil, planted a cover crop (rye, vetch, legumes and Diakon). That's when the moles appeared. So what pest are you suggesting I look for and eradicate? Earthworms? I've discovered the gas main runs under the front lawn so can't use Rodenator. Please help