Yellowjackets....still around

Asked November 23, 2015, 6:52 PM EST

This was/is a "productive" year for yellowjackets in my yard. Six ground nests that I was aware of, one being a reuse of a nest from last year and 3 are still active. I am aware of their predatory value but this is a bit too many. Is this the future? What are some good control tactics now and in spring? There were many more bald faced hornets than I've ever seen as well but didn't see any nests. Thx.

Lane County Oregon yellow jackets

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Depending on the temperatures, yellowjackets can remain active through October/November. Yellowjackets do not overwinter in a large colony like honeybees do. Only the mated queens will overwinter and then in spring they will rebuild a nest. Keep a close eye in early spring: you may be able to set out traps that can kill queens to help keep populations lower. You'll also be able to identify and destroy any nesting sites before the population gets too high. This University of Illinois Extension webpage has much more information on the life cycle of yellowjackets as well as management tips.
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