Fireside apples

Asked November 18, 2015, 11:41 AM EST

I love fireside apples. Will trees grow from the apple seed in the fruit I eat? If yes, what are general directions? Will I need more than one tree for pollination? How much will it grow in a year? when will it produce fruit?

Goodhue County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. If you plant an apple seed and it germinates and grows, you will have some sort of apple tree. However, the seed will not produce the same type of apple you desire. Named varieties of apples like Honeycrisp are produced through a form of splicing/cloning.

If you want Honeycrisp apples, you will need to buy a Honeycrisp apple tree and in order for the tree to bear fruit, the blossoms must be pollinated by a different variety of apple. The other variety could be from another edible apple, an ornamental crab apple, or whatever pollen the insect carries on its body. Read this University of Minnesota Extension publication on growing apple trees in the home orchard:
This next link takes you to the University of Minnesota's web page discussing Honeycrisp apples:
Thank you for contacting Extension.