Pond Maintenance

Asked November 17, 2015, 1:07 PM EST

HOA has 8 surface acre pond only 6' deep with large amount of suspended particulate resulting in extremely "cloudy" water. Have been treating with Biolynceus microbial to control algae and weed growth. 2013 & 2015 flooding does not appear to have affected (for better or worse) the clarity of water. Do you have any recommendations to improve quality/clarity or usefulness of this pond. Aquatic life seems to survive, carp, bass, sunfish, catfish and waterfowl use of pond (herons, egrets, geese)

Weld County Colorado ponds

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I am not a scientist as it relates to various chemicals and treatments of water in relation to ponds. Most of the information I share with owners or planners of ponds and/or maintenance of existing ponds is through anecdotal evidence and personal experience. My visceral reaction to your question raises a few points to ponder. First, you have a shallow, large area pond. The shallow water during the warmer months is a prescription to higher temperatures - warm water not being "stirred-up" - resulting in an environment conducive to algae and floating vegetation of various types. Depending on the vegetation, there are numerous chemicals available if you do some research. For the cloudy water, a pond with no inflow during the summer months, and shallow to boot, will be conducive to that cloudy look you mention. When the fall rains arrive and you get wind gusts to agitate the surface, the water clears-up and everything looks ok. You can apply amendments to counteract vegetation and algae, but the clear water is an issue facing just about every pond owner having an inland pond of shallow depth. It's just the nature of the beast. It would be extremely expensive, but dredging the pond, or portion of it, wil greatly assist in clearing-up the water. But by-and-large, shallow, stagnant water is going to look dirty and attract all sorts of vegetation. The fish species you mention are tough critters - they could live in a mud puddle. But basically, you have a design that will continually fight against algae and cloudy water. You can continue with amendments and possible mechanical removal of shoreline vegetation, but for the most part, accept your plight....it's not so bad. That's really all I can offer.