topworking with an existing graft

Asked November 16, 2015, 9:59 PM EST

I have an existing American persimmon is about five years old and 9 feet high , Have grafted an Asian persimmon branch over a year ago that is doing well and is now about 5/8 to 3/4 inch thick by 4 feet high. A friend told me after all leaves are off I should cut off all of the American persimmon branches since what I want is an Asian persimmon tree In that location since there is not much room and they are self fertile. I'm just a bit nervous about cutting all those branches off, have you done this or heard of people doing it and do you have any information about how often it is successful. Thanks

Northampton County Pennsylvania

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The rule of thumb with pruning is to avoid removing more than about 20% of the canopy at any one time. If you have to leave some of the American persimmon part to avoid going above that level, you should try to remove any part of the American persimmon growth that is higher on the tree than the Asian persimmon, to help the Asian graft establish dominance. Then, remove the rest of the American persimmon in future pruning steps.