amur maple trimming suggestions

Asked November 16, 2015, 1:33 PM EST

I have an older Amur tree on the property that has probably never been trimmed during the past 15-20 years since it was planted. It is about 20 feet high and bushed out substantially starting at about 5 feet high on a single trunk. It seems overgrown to me and I suspect it was never trimmed back from the day it was planted. How severe can I cut it back now? Should I just top it severely, or should I now go by degrees after this many years? Say 10-15% a year for awhaile? Is there a typical normal trim suggestion if I was to plant another Amur somewhere else now too?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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There are several different ways to prune large trees, depending upon the purpose of the pruning (provide more air flow, increase space beneath branches, etc.). I would not suggest any kind of severe pruning of your maple but rather selective pruning to meet your needs. I am attaching a link to info about pruning for your review. It may be wise, given the size of your tree to consider a certified arborist for the pruning. Here's your link: