Fruit Packing and Distribution

Asked November 16, 2015, 8:44 AM EST

Hi, I'm trying to start a company based on a high perofrmance ethylene absorbent that is recyclable. I'm trying to find out more about the fruit/produce/floral packing and distribution business and I would like to speak with someone who can answer some questions both about how these businesses are organized and what their needs are related to ethylene management. Speaking to the larger community, I would be very interested in seeing a working packing or distribution facility and learning more about the use of ehthylene scrubbers and absorbents. Best, Andrew

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hi, Andrew. I am not very familiar with the needs of packing and distribution operations regarding ethylene management. I will have to look into this further for you or reassign your question to another colleague. In the meantime, have you contacted Sieck's (floral) in Baltimore, Coastal Sunbelt (produce) or Keany Produce to see how they handle ethylene management?


Andrew, I also will be speaking with Chris Walsh in the UMD plant science dept next week. He has experience with this. I will pass along his contact info and what I discover.

Thanks for your question and enjoy the rest of your week.